A Vision For Durham's Future

Jovonia Lewis
for Durham Public School Board of Education

Meet Jovonia Lewis

Jovonia Lewis is a nationally certified and licensed professional counselor providing mental health counseling and education. She is a mother determined to advocate for her three sons who attend Durham Public Schools and make sure all marginalized children are seen, affirmed and heard.

Working For Durham

I want to serve on the Durham Public School Board of Education because I care about the academic success of all children and the importance of educating and embracing the whole child. I also value the family and community engagement to support the success of whole child. I want to be able to inform and support policy and practices that puts the students’ academic success first while including social, emotional, equitable and restorative practices.

  • Academic success of all children in the District with an emphasis on embracing the whole child
  • Bridging the relationship between schools, teachers and families to better support students
  • Re-districting to ease over-crowding and increasing socioeconomic parity among our schools