Working for Durham

I want to serve on the Durham Public School Board of Education because I care about the academic success of all children and the importance of educating and embracing the whole child. I also value the family and community engagement to support the success of the whole child. I want to be able to inform and support policy and practices that puts the students’ academic success first while including social, emotional, equitable and restorative practices.

  • Academic success of all children in the District with an emphasis on embracing the whole child.
  • Bridging the relationship between schools, teachers and families to better support students
  • Re-districting to ease over-crowding and increasing socioeconomic parity among our schools


Bridging the communication and/or relationship between schools, teachers, and families to better support students

Centering the school within the community would improve Durham Public Schools. Creating a genuine community of support around students that includes the voices of marginalized parents. I would like to influence the education and empowerment of parent voices to know their student rights and advocate for the whole child to be educated. There should be a specific policy that speaks directly to engaging marginalized families. Parents should feel welcomed, understood and seen as the expert with their child to increase a positive relationship and support for teachers and schools. Also, within this community of support, we need to increase academic success through a rigorous curriculum with a commitment from the teachers through the approach of power-sharing with school administration to advocate for their classroom needs throughout all of Durham Public Schools.

Re-districting to relieve over-crowding and increasing socioeconomic parity among our schools

Creating a plan inclusive of re-districting with new schools being built to prevent over-crowding. I would advocate for a plan that is inclusive of research, foreseeable trends and family input from those most impacted by the changes. It is equally important to follow the trends, but also have a plan when initial goals are met to help to maintain balanced schools. Every decision has to be made with the success of every child in mind and the equitable distribution of resources whether a parent shows up at public comments or not.